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Date Status Notes
08-Dec-2016 Visa granted Me, Shiela, Kyle, Chloe, Clark
30-Nov-2016 CO Request for 2nd Visa Application Charge
19-Oct-2016 CO asked/Submitted (Form 815)
06-Oct-2016 Passport Change (Form 929) and Updated (Form 80)
15-Sep-2016 Finished Medicals (Me, Mommy, Kyle, Chloe & Clark)
19-Aug-2016 Received Medical Appointment Letters
18-Aug-2016 CO asked/Submitted proof of Support/communication
17-Aug-2016 Visa application
16-Aug-2016 NBI, PCC and other forms/documents forwarded
03-Aug-2016 Invitation to apply
26-Jul-2016 EOI submission Skilled Independent 189 VISA
25-Jul-2016 Awarded Engineers Australia Migration Skills
07-Jul-2016 Reworked CDR and additional info submitted
16-Feb-2016 EA Feedback for more info
10-Feb-2016 Submitted CDR to Engineers Australia
26-Sep-2015 Passed IELTS

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